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:: 2008 :: 
SUICIDE COMMANDO start working on brandnew material for their upcoming EP and new album.
:: 2007 ::
To celebrate 20 years of SUICIDE COMMANDO (1986-2006) the band releases the special limited and luxury X20 boxset in Europe (NTP/Dependent), including not less then 4 discs (a "best of" CD, a remix CD, the very first SUICIDE COMMANDO live DVD and the "fuck you bitch" bonus single). End of 2007 both the "best of" CD and the "remix" CD also got released as seperate discs in the USA through Metropolis Records, their US license partner.
Also end of 2007 SUICIDE COMMANDO return with the song "hate me", their first new material since "bind torture kill", released on the "noise terror volume 2" sampler on NTP/Dependent, their last release on NTP/Dependent before closing their doors.
:: 2006 :: 
Early 2006 sees the release of the long awaited new studio album from suicide commando called "bind, torture, kill", named after the famous serial killer Dennis L. Rader aka the btk strangler. The album gets released in 2 editions, a regular cd edition including 11 new tracks (including a remix version of "godsend" and a special cover version of Tommi Stumpff's classic "massaker") and a special limited edition including a bonus disc, sticker and postcard.
The album once again makes it to the top of several alternative charts like the DAC, BAC, REWC ... and is voted as "album of the month" in the german Orkus magazine.
:: 2005 :: 
In 2005 suicide commando finally gets back into their studio to start working on new material. The first result of this new work gets released in November 2005 as a limited double a-side single called "godsend/menschenfresser". The single gets released on Johan's brandnew own label NTP (short for Noise Terror Productions), a new division of Dependent. The single is the first sign of the new album which is scheduled for early 2006.
In between suicide commando still manages to do some more live shows and festivals throughout Europe.
:: 2004 :: 
Beginning of 2004 suicide commando continue their 2nd part of the "axis of evil" tour which brings them to countries like Switzerland, Italy, France, Holland, Denmark, Sweden ... and in summer 2004 they do an extended summer festival tour with successfull shows at WGT, Zillo, Castle Party, M'era Luna and Infest. In between they still manage to finish and release a new double single (cause of death:SUICIDE + one nation under god), also available as limited edition and taken from their latest "axis of evil" album. The single once again reaches the N° 1 spot in several alternative chart.
:: 2003 :: 
2 years after the last "love breeds suicide" mcd, suicide commando return with a brand new single entitled "face of death", which reaches N° 1 positions in numerous charts (DAC, DUC, NAC ...) all over Europe. The limited edition version of the single (including an extra disc with more remixes and rare versions) sells out in only 2 days ! End of the year the long awaited "axis of evil" album finally is released worldwide through Dependent (Europe) and Metropolis (USA ...). The album immediately conquers the world in no time and reaches N° 1 positions all over the globe and turns out to be the best selling suicide commando album up to date. The limited edition of "axis of evil" (a luxurious boxset with extra dvd including videoclips, interview ...) sells out in no time. The album was voted "best album of the year" in the legendary german alternative charts (DAC). To promote their new album suicide commando hit the road with the "axis of evil" tour, supported by Interlace and Tactical Sekt. This tour turns out to be their most successfull tour up till today and is getting huge positive response by both press and audience.
:: 2002 :: 
After doing several more concerts and festivals accross Europe, suicide commando returns to the studio to start working on their new album which is planned to come out in 2003. In the mean time they release the "anthology" dcd, a compilation of the best and biggest suicide commando hits up so far, including all clubhits like "hellraiser", "see you in hell", "love breeds suicide" ... and offering some exclusive new remixes and rare versions. A must have for all true fans !
:: 2001 :: 
In 2001 suicide commando returns with the "love breeds suicide" EP (Dependent), containing several remixes of the song "love breeds suicide" (original version on "mindstrip") and including another new clubsmasher "dein herz, meine gier" ... Once again this release reaches the N° 1 position in the german DAC charts.
:: 2000 :: 
2000 without any doubt became the most successfull year in suicide commando's career so far.
In May suicide commando returns with a first single "comatose delusion", taken from their forthcoming album. This single brought suicide commando to the absolute top of the international alternative scene.
Even more success gained the 2nd single "hellraiser" ! Both singles reach the N° 1 position in the german alternative charts (DAC).
In October suicide commando finally releases their long awaited "mindstrip" album (available as a limited boxset as well), which also reaches the N° 1 position in the DAC album charts.
The cd also is released in the US via Metropolis and is getting an amazing response.
End of 2000 suicide commando start their "mindstripping 2000" tour throughout Germany ...

:: 1999 :: 
"construct-destruct" is licensed in the US by Possessive Blindfold Recordings. The album reaches the N° 10 position in the CMJ charts.
Suicide Commando releases "chromdioxyde 1", a compilation including only old & previously unreleased demo matreial from the period
between '88 - '94. The Compilation reaches No, 7 position in the DAC
Suicide Commando starts working on the new "mind strip" cd
:: 1998 ::
Suicide Commando releases the new cd "construct-destruct" (OFF BEAT), including new clubhits "desire" and "better off dead"...
Along with the new cd Suicide Commando also releases another new limited edition called "reCONSTRUCTion" (on 2500 copies only, already SOLD OUT !), including the regular CD + bonus disc offering new material and remixes from bands like :wumpscut:, Dive, plastic noise experience and Pierrepoint.
Suicide Commando start their successfull "Conquering Europe tour" together with the american
Velvet Acid Christ.
:: 1997 :: 
Suicide Commando releases a new mcd "state of emergency" on the german O-files II sampler (OFF BEAT). Suicide Commando plays at the legendary Zillo festival in Germany in front of 5000 people. The "contamination" CD is now also released in the USA on Electric Death Trip records. This american edition includes 3 bonus tracks.
:: 1996 :: 
Suicide Commando start their "critical images" tour.
10 YEARS of Suicide Commando ! To celebrate this 10th anniversary Suicide Commando releases the "contamination" EP, including new tracks and remixes from "see you in hell" and "traumatize". This EP is also released as a limited boxset (2000 copies, sold out !),
including the regular EP + 3" bonus CD offering some old and previously unreleased material.
:: 1995 :: 
Suicide Commando releases ist 2nd CD called "stored images" (OFF BEAT), including remixes of "T.V.-obsession", "intercourse", "save me" ... and including new dancefloor smashers like "murder" and of course "see you in hell" (the biggest Suicide Commando hit until now !)
:: 1994 :: 
Suicide Commando is signed to the german OFF BEAT label and releases its first full length CD "critical stage", including clubhits like "traumatize", "necrophilia".... and featuring Dirk Ivens (Dive) as guest vocalist on one track ("where do we go from here ?"). Several other tracks (including the club hit "save me") are released on different compilations during ´94 und ´95.
:: 1993 :: 
Suicide Commando releases his 9th (and last!) tape called "electro convulsion therapy". In the meantime 4 other tracks are released on the "induktion, varianz und deren folgen" compilation CD (Kugelblitz records), including the small clubhit "never get out". Suicide Commando also makes its first steps on stage, playing as support act for Plastic Noise Experience.
:: 1992 :: 
After several other tape releases ("this is hate", "crap", "industrial rape", "go to hell" ...) the hypnotizing track "intercourse" (originally released on the "into the grave" tape in 1991) is released on the german "rotation II" compilationLP (Kugelblitz records)
:: 1989 ::
Suicide Commando releases its first tape. That same year Suicide Commando also makes his first appearance on vinyl, taking part to the "electronic" compilationLP (Climax productions)
:: 1986 :: 
Johan Van Roy starts experimenting with electronic music under the name Suicide Commando.   

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