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Even though the weather is not really like it, we're slowly entering the end of 2006 again, and regular visitors of the SUICIDE COMMANDO website and our forum should know what that means ... and no, we're not talking about Santa Claus, although you can consider it a bit that way as well, but oh well, of course we're talking about our annual "end of the year contest" ! And this year it's not going to be different, so here we are again ...

Time for you to vote and send us your personal SUICIDE COMMANDO top 3 again !!!

For the 2nd year in row we're running this little competition through the DarkElectro.net forum, thanks to the big help of Marc (Hibyte) and Heiko (Geist) for setting up this script and contest !

And just like any year we're having some special prices for you to win ! But since most of you are fans any way, I guess most of you already owe our past releases, so this year we're giving away something special !!! Hell, it's not even out yet, just imagine ... Yes, since we're celebrating 20 years of SUICIDE COMMANDO this year, we're giving away 5 signed copies of the forthcoming X20 anniversary boxset which is scheduled to be released in April 2007 ! This boxset will contain 3 (!) discs including a live DVD, a remix CD and a best of CD !

So if you want to win one of these boxsets, all you have to do is VOTE ! Go to our forum, register to the DarkElectro.net forum and send us your personal suicide commando top 3 !!!

DEADLINE for all your votes is Jan.1st 2007 0.00 GMT !!!
Early January an innocent hand (or computer) will pick the 5 winners. The winners will be announced in our January newsletter and will get their price as soon as the boxset is released !
So, you're only 3 steps away from winning one of these special limited boxsets ... register, vote and WIN !!!
Major thanks in advance for all your votes and thanks for your support !!!

Suicide commando.



SUICIDE COMMANDO will be one of many guests on the forthcoming "when angels die" compilation. The "when angels die" compilation is a special tribute to Steffi who died in the age of 29 on July 31st from breast cancer. All profits of the compilation, which will be released on COP International early 2007, will go to a breast cancer awareness foundation and to a special angel tombstone for Steffi's grave.

For this "when angels die" compilation SUICIDE COMMANDO and the american DAWN OF ASHES joined hands and wrote a special exclusive song entitled "when angels go to heaven" !
Check out this unique collaboration SUICIDE COMMANDO VS DAWN OF ASHES on "when angels die" early 2007 !

Other bands confirmed to appear on this compilation are for example Combichrist, Feindflug, Sonar, Synapscape, E-craft, noisuf-X, The Retrosic ... and many more !

Even though I didn't know Steffi personally, I do know how it feels to loose a loved one, so I hereby also want to send my deepest respect and support to Steffi's family and friends !

You can find more info's about the "when angels die" compilation on www.myspace.com/whenangelsdiecompilation !



It took us a bit longer then expected, but finally it's there, and right in time if you're still looking for an x-mas gift for your grandma ...
the SUICIDE COMMANDO online shop !

In this online shop you'll be able to find lots of SUICIDE COMMANDO merchandise, ranging from stickers to CD's, from t-shirts to sweaters ...
Furthermore you also can find lots of NTP (noise terror productions) releases in the shop, along with special merchandise items, special priced offers ...

The shop will go online on Dec. 16th, so check out our website for more details soon !



Time for some more details about the upcoming "X20" anniversary boxset.

Live DVD was recorded on Oct. 20th at the Reithalle Strasse E in Dresden (Germany), and is being edited at this very moment.
The live DVD will also include extra clips shot at the Zillo festival 2004 and at Das Boot festival at the legendary Stubnitz boat in Kopenhagen.

First remixes are getting in, till now we received remixes from SITD, :wumpscut:, X-fusion, Spetsnaz, Dawn of Ashes ... and in the next days we're expecting lots more from bands like Soman, Grendel, Agonoize, Combichrist, Captive of Society, Dope Stars Inc, Solitary experiments ...
The remix CD also will include previously unreleased mixes from SUICIDE COMMANDO itself.

Best of CD will be compiled and especially re-mastered in the next days and weeks.

The boxset furthermore will include a special booklet including lots of photomaterial from the band over the years, and not to forget, the limited edition release will also include another special surprise !!!

X20 is scheduled for a release in April 2007, out on NTP/Dependent !
X20 countdown has begun ...



SUICIDE COMMANDO live dates coming up next:

09.12.2006 Zwart Werk festival - Beernem (Belgium) *
03.02.2007 Advanced Electronics II festival - Krefeld (Germany) *
04.02.2007 Advanced Electronics II festival - Augsburg (Germany) *
28.07.2007 Castle Party festival - Bolkow (Poland)

* special 20 years of SUICIDE COMMANDO celebration show !

You can find more details in our live section !



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