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Lyrics: Stored Images
:: murder ::

anger breeds violance
anger within
violence breeds murder
murder i win
oppression breeds violence
violence within
violance breeds murder
murder i win

:: the exit ::

looking for an answer
looking for a way
where is the exit
cause i don´t want to stay
lost in the mirror
i´m trapped in this world
lost in my soul
please just let me go
the exit

:: save me ::

i want to know
if she´s worth
for me to live
on this world
i want to know
i want to go
and say goodbye
i want to die
don´t want to live
don´t want to live
don´t want to live
don´t want to live
i want to go
i want to die
i want to go
i want to die
save me

:: the human disgrace ::

another victim
another crime
innocent children
innocent lifes
endless torture
endless pain
a 1000 bodies
a 1000 times
another murder
another war
living in pain
living insane
dangerous weapon
dangerous games
the human race
the human disgrace
the human race
the human disgrace

:: intercourse ::


:: dying inside ::

i´m dying inside
dying inside
inside my body
inside my mind
i´m a walking body
i´m a living dead
i´m loosing my brain
oh god, i´m going insane
dying inside

:: mortal combat ::

mortal combat
faces of tortured
dead violent impact
suicide final act
human intolerance
mental torment
possible mass
grave died
in a useless war

:: the end of your life ::

give me a reason
give me no lies
why are we living
and why should we die
the reason of being
try to survive
this world is in danger
it´s the end of your life

:: actions of the mind ::

fearless no emotion
static open eye
a man with no feelings
a world full of lies
your face in the mirror
reflections of a mind
the blood on your fingers
actions of the mind
action reaction
faces to the ground
bloodstained corpses
never to be found
his hand on the trigger
bodies all around
only try to figure
the actions of the mind

:: tv-obsession ::

obsessed by the violence
shown on t.v.
impressed how destructive
human can be
this is what you wanted
wanted to see
we´re burning of desire
to see blond on t.v.
we´re obsessed


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Bind, torture, kill
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